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The Advantages of the Trap Bar Deadlift Technique

Trap Bar DeadliftDeadlifting provides total body strength exercises that are beneficial for all your body’s muscle groups, and the trap bar deadlift is just one of its specialized training used mainly for two exercises such as the deadlift and the shrug. According to researches, the trap bar deadlift is much better for strength and power exercise as opposed to using barbell, as this places more load on the knees and less on the lumbar spine and the hips, which is perfect for those with lower back pain.

The trap bar deadlift also uses unconventional equipment, which sometimes looks like hexagonal or sometimes diamond-shaped bar. This hex bar is considered as one of the greatest innovation when it comes to strength-training equipment since this has been used as a back-friendly alternative for both the traditional straight-bar deadlifts and squats. The downside of straight-bar deadlifts and squats is the amount of stress that it puts on your lumbar spine. With the trap bar, you can significantly reduce the amount of sheer force on your spine.

The trap bar deadlift can also give you more power aside from being a safer exercise than its straight bar version. You can produce significant levels of peak force, velocity, and power using the trap bar as it allows you to lift more weight faster over a greater distance. This is also a low cost way that can provide you with great benefit and reduce your potential for injury, while increasing your maximum power. In addition, since there is no pelvis-cracking impact while doing the routine, you can definitely increase the reps you are making.

The trap bar deadlift technique is also more advantageous for beginners since going on a deadlift routine can be quite a challenge. Deadlifting also requires a lot of upfront coaching, especially when it comes to mobility work. On the other hand, the trap bar is configured in such a way that it leads to a much more upright torso position. The only potential drawback that coaches find in the trap bar deadlift technique is there is no stopping mechanism to prevent your back from overextending though this can be remedied with the right coaching and execution.

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